Induction Standards Overview

CalStateTEACH Induction Program

Induction Standards Overview: Introduction

Summary of Program Design: CalStateTEACH is a high quality, site-based online Induction Program offered through the California State University system.  The program is designed for participants who have a Multiple Subject or Single Subjects Preliminary Credential and wish to clear their teaching credential but do not otherwise have access to a district/county office or university Induction Program. Based on current CalStateTEACH Preliminary Credential enrollment, it is expected that Induction participants will live in rural areas where it takes a long time to travel to a traditional program or in urban areas where traffic and parking add too much time to their commute to an LEA or university campus. Candidates can be found in just about every county of California.

Collaboration and communication occur both on-site and online with faculty and school-based support. Candidates gain significant personalized support from their assigned faculty Lead Mentors, who orient them and school site personnel to the program, provide Colleague Coach training for effective support, and review their growth in the California Standards for the Profession (CSTP).  In addition to the virtual mentoring and collaboration, they receive an average of not less than one hour per week of individualized support at their school site. Their on-site Colleague Coaches, who are credentialed teachers at their school site, provide valuable support and assistance to CalStateTEACH participants.

Sustained and intensive mentoring/coaching during the two-year CalStateTEACH program compels teachers to evaluate their practice, try out new strategies, and reflect on and document their new learning as evidence of development and growth over time.  Foundational to the mentoring process is the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) supported and driven by the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP). The CSTP provides Candidates a vantage point from which to reflect during learning-focused conversations with the Lead Mentor and Colleague Coach. During structured conversations, Candidates consider their own teaching practices while engaging in self-directed learning, with the ultimate goal of improving learning opportunities for ALL students.

An Early Completion Option for experienced and exceptional Candidates is available.